Criminal Defense

We have you covered.  Don't let a criminal charge ruin your life.  Together we can defend you against the state and help to protect your future.

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Wills, Trusts, and Probate

Death is difficult.  Don't leave your loved ones with extra burdens after you pass.  Instead, let Third Coast Law help you plan the legacy you want to leave behind.

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Stop letting old mistakes follow you around and start breezing through background checks. Let's put your criminal history in the past.

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 The Third Coast Way

Our mission is "to be a voice for those without one."

Third Coast Law is a law firm that prides itself on fiercely advocating for the common man.  From criminal defense to contract disputes, we will fight to the bitter end on behalf of our clients.  We exist to protect the legals rights laid out for you in the Texas and United States Constitutions.

At Third Coast, we know legal proceedings can be a life altering event.  Legal stress can occur whether you're dealing with a DWI, Civil Litigation, or Probate Proceedings after the death of a loved one.  Don't take on this legal stress alone.  Instead, let a lawyer at Third Coast Law have your back for every step of the legal way.

Give us a call and take back control of your life.  Hire the hometown law firm that cares.  With Third Coast Law, you can expect a personalized legal strategy that is prepared by an experienced attorney.  Let us fight for your rights!


Don't Delay. Call Third Coast Law Today!

It's never too soon to get legal help and dragging your feet could compromise your future.  Give us a call and let Third Coast Law fight for your rights!