Drug Crimes

Whatever the drug, whatever the amount, if you've been charged with possession, manufacturing, or trafficking then we can help.


Bogus traffic stop? Make a mistake? It's never too soon to start your DWI defense. At Third Coast Law, we'll fight for your rights.

Property Crimes

Down on your luck and acted out of character?  The law is extra tough on alleged thieves. Let's talk about your options.

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Personalized Criminal Defense

At Third Coast Law we know that facing criminal charges of any degree can put a strain on your job, your reputation, and your relationships.  That's why you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to fight for your rights when the time comes.  We work hard for our clients because we truly believe that everyone is entitled to the protections of the law.  Most importantly, that you are always innocent until proven guilty.  Come in today for a free consultation and form a relationship that will last a lifetime.


In Texas, misdemeanors are crimes punishable up to 1-year in county jail and up to a $4000 fine. While these offenses are not as serious as felonies, they can still have a drastic impact on your quality of life.  Especially, when it comes to finding employment. Common misdemeanor offenses include:

  • DWI (1st and 2nd)
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Traffic Tickets


A felony is the most serious offense you can be charged with.  The punishment range for a felony can be anywhere from 6 months to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.  Felonies also include the loss of basic American rights such as your right to vote.  Common felonies are:

  • DWI (3rd and beyond)
  • Burglary
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Sex Crimes

If you've been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony then now is the time to call Third Coast Law.  Getting a defense strategy planned out as quickly as possible with defense tools such as affidavits of non-prosecution can be crucial to your case.  Don't drag your feet when its come to the defense of your reputation and livelihood.

Share Your Side...

It's never too soon to protect your freedom.  You may not get to tell your side of the story without proper legal representation.  Save your future.  Let Third Coast Law fight for your rights!