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Drug Crimes is a broad term that can encompass anything from mere possession to drug trafficking.  Likewise, the penalties can range from misdemeanors to felonies and can also be either state or federal charges.  Regardless of what you're being charged with, if you've been arrested for a drug crime then now is the time to start planning your defense.

Don't be a casualty of the government's War on Drugs.  At Third Coast Law we will fight to make sure your rights are protected.  These rights include everything from challenging the legality of the traffic stop or search warrant to making sure any drugs found actually belonged to you.  Come in today for a free consultation and share your side of the story.


What factors determine which drug offense I'm charged with?

There can be many factors affecting which drug offense you are charged with and whether that offense is a misdemeanor or a felony. The main factors include:

  • The drug itself. Getting busted for smoking a joint in your mom's car is one thing, however, getting caught with Xanax or Cocaine is quite another. Drugs that are considered "controlled substances" like prescription drugs and heroin will carry heftier penalties than marijuana.
  • The amount the drug. Being arrested and having a gram of marijuana in your pocket will not carry the same penalty as having a pound marijuana in your trunk. Regardless of what drug you possess, the amount of that drug will almost certainly affect the charges.
  • Dealer vs. User. The law is much stricter on people that sell drugs than on people who personally use drugs. Evidence such as scales to measure weight, bags, large amounts of cash, and more can be used by prosecutors in an attempt to charge you with the intent to distribute.

Share your side...

It's never too soon to protect your freedom.  You may not get to tell your side of the story without proper legal representation.  Save your future.  Let Third Coast Law fight for your rights!