Stop letting your past control the future.

Having a blemish on your criminal record from the past can be a hassle in life that prevents you from both job and living opportunities.  Luckily, Texas law provides you with options to remove or hide a mistake from your criminal record.   Start filling out background checks with confidence by coming in for a consultation at Third Coast Law.  We handle both expunctions and petitions for non-disclosure.  Come in today and let us help you put the past behind you.

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What is an expunction?

An expunction is the process that clears a persons records of all criminal charges.  The process of expunction involves a judge ordering any agencies responsible for maintaining your criminal records to destroy them. This means your criminal record will not be viewable by any private employer OR government agency (i.e. the police).  To be eligible for an expunction you must have either:

  • A dismissal by the judge;
  • A dismissal by the prosecutor;
  • A jury verdict of not guilty; or
  • A successful appeal resulting in an overturned guilty verdict

If you fall into this narrow set of categories listed above and want all records of your arrest and anything else related to your criminal record expunged, then call us at Third Coast Law and let us get started on your expunction.

What is a non-disclosure?

A non-disclosure order from a judge will make your criminal records sealed from the eyes of the "public".  This means that although government agencies will still have access to your criminal records, they will not be allowed to release your criminal records to an employer or educational institution.   Nor any other public entity seeking such information.

Unlike expunctions, non-disclosures are available to people who have successfully completed probation or deferred adjudication.  This is true for most misdemeanors and some felonies.  After successfully completing a misdemeanor probation or deferred adjudication, you will likely have to wait 2 years from the completion of your sentence to be eligible for a non-disclosure.  If you successfully completed a felony deferred adjudication then you will have to wait 5 years before you can be eligible for a non-disclosure.  Call Third Coast Law today and figure out if you're eligible for non-disclosure.  Now is the time to erase your past from the public view.

Ready to find out more?

There's no substitute for having a clean record.  If you took the time to successfully complete probation or deferred then take the next step and clean the slate.  Give us a call today!