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An assault charge is a serious offense that can greatly affect your ability to gain employment or find an apartment lease.  Depending on the facts of your case, an assault charge can range from a Class B Misdemeanor to a First Degree Felony.  Whether you were in an argument that got out of control or a spur of the moment bar fight, it's never too soon to start planning your defense.

Were you acting in self-defense?  Are you the victim of a false accusation?  At Third Coast Law we won't let the prosecutors control the narrative.  We want to hear your side of the story.  Come in today for a free consultation and share with us what happened.  Your aggressive assault defense strategy starts here.


What is family violence?

Assault family violence or domestic violence is a Class A misdemenor and is one of the most common forms of assault that occurs.  It's defintion is both broad and surprising. In fact, Section 71 of the Texas Family code includes in the family violence defintion anybody you've had a "dating relationship" with.  This means a physical altercation with an ex-girlfriend or a past spouse could result in family violence.  This offense also includes an assault against a member of your current household.

These charges can often arise from an argument with your significant other that simply got out of control and resulted in the police being called. However, even if your significant other wakes up the next day and realizes they don't want charges to be pressed, it could be too late.  If you're facing an assault-family violence charge then call Third Coast Law sooner rather than later.  Together we can work on putting a mistake or wrongful allegation behind you.

When does an assault become an aggravated assault?

Section 22 of the Texas penal code defines the various assault crimes. It states that a regular assault becomes an aggravated assault when it results in "serious bodily injury" or if a "deadly weapon" is used in the commission of the assault.  Aggravated assault is a serious offense and is a second degree felony.  There can be many defenses to this charge including:

  • Self-Defense
  • Mutual Combat
  • Defense of another person

If you've been charged with an aggravated assault then you need an attorney that will hear you out and fight for your rights.  Don't let this charge take over your life.  Come in today and speak with an experienced attorney that will build a personalized defense based on your side of the story.

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It's never too soon to protect your freedom.  You may not get to tell your side of the story without proper legal representation.  Save your future.  Let Third Coast Law fight for your rights!